Thursday, December 1, 2011

Returning Home !

  Since my last post so many things have happened !  I've changed employment and gone "home" to work back with my friends at Dr. Donald Hardee's office...a local dentist and "friend" who I had worked for 8 years with before my bout with cancer.  I had been working Physicians East OB/Gyn  in Greenville for a year and a half and made a lot of new friends there as well. 
For the past year, Jeff had been unemployed due to the economy effecting the business he was in and of course this put a hold on completing the publishing process of Addie McPaddie.  Praise God !...Jeff was able to return to work as of November 1st. He too returned back to the sawmill industry and the company that brought us to NC 15 years ago. We feel very blessed and humbled by what God is doing in our lives.  That is why I know without a doubt that He is responsible for helping me through each step of this "Storybook Journey". 

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