Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hot Off The Press !

We are finally at the final few days before "Addie McPaddie" will be available for you to purchase !!!  If you are interested in getting a copy, here are the details.  Purchase price is $11.99 plus tax which comes to $12.83.  If you need me to mail it to you, please add $2.00 S & H cost for a total of $14.83.  Shipping cost will vary on orders for more than one book. The book is full color and hard cover.  Make checks out to Rita D. Herrin. 
I have only ordered a minimum amount to begin with, so please let me know as soon as possible.  I will not be placing another printing order until after Christmas. 
My printer has assured me they should be "hot off the press" by the first week in December. 
You can also find us on under Addie McPaddie or email us at  You can request an order form at this email address.

I can't wait to fill your order!  Thanks for your support!

The Long Road to Addie McPaddie!!!

       I cannot believe it !!  In just a few short months, a dream of mine will finally come true.  Almost two years in the making, my first storybook will be in print !  "Addie McPaddie"...a story written for my grand-daughter's first birthday will come to life. 
     However, this road has taken much longer than a couple of years.  I started writing years ago...poems, songs and stories.  I jokingly told my husband ( who by the way has been very supportive and encouraging through all of this ) that when I passed away, my children would find my writings on little pieces of paper all over the house.  When I have a thought, I write it down and that is usually as far as it goes. 
     January 2007 changed my life forever.  I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  The next several months were filled with doctors appointments, chemo and radiation treatments and lots of time on my hands to think of all the "what ifs".  Along with the cancer came a series of other health issues and after eight surgeries in three years, life finally returned to normal. 
     During this time, my faith in God grew stronger and a desire to know Him in a "real" relationship became more of a priority.  It was during these talks with Him that I realized that when He gave me a gift or talent, it was for a purpose.  I became determined to see if one of my stories could be published.  I had no idea where to start but as soon as I made that decision, things began to fall into place. I believe He was just waiting for me to act on what He already had planned.
     The first thing I did was speak to a self published author who gave me step by step instructions on how to publish my own book.  She was extremely helpful and encouraged me to follow my dream.  The first step she gave me was to choose an illustrator...someone with vision and talent enough to bring my story to life.  This person would be Jennifer Smith.  I had known Jennifer and her family through my daughters and thought a lot of all of them but I never imagined that she was so gifted.  After sending her several stories, she accepted the challenge to bring "Addie McPaddie" along with Ace, Rufus and Matilda to life!  And she did just that !! 

Elliot & Jennifer Smith

     The next step...a graphic design person.  Where in the world do you find someone like this?  I had no idea where to start but through a business associate of my husband, Stacy Jarrell's name was placed in my hand.  Stacy was exactly what I needed to guide me through taking my words and Jennifer's illustrations to the idea of a real book.  Stacy had words of advice and words of encouragement and with her honesty, I knew our work would be in good hands.

Greg & Stacy Jarrell

The last step of course would be the printing.  After talking with several companies, Stacy led me to a long time friend whom she trusted...and once I met him, so did I. 
     As I write this blog, I am so excited to tell you that within just a few months all of our hard work will be completed.  My next blog will let you know where you can get your own copy of "Addie McPaddie"...signed, sealed and delivered !  



A Business Woman I am Not !

Since this process began, I have had to make decisions that will make or break the future of this project.  It has not been easy at times !!!  From looking over drafts from Jennifer, graphics from Stacy and then came the printing.  This has been much more difficult than I expected.  A few weeks ago, when making a major decision with the printing, my husband said to me..."you've got to learn to be a business woman".  He was right and all worked out for the best. 
My hope is that the first Addie McPaddie book will gain enough attention that the second or maybe even the third will be picked up by a publisher.  I LOVE writing but I can tell you....the business part is not my thing.  Again, this is why I am convinced that God is in control.  He has truly given me confidence to do things I never thought possible. 

Steps in the right direction.

As I told you before, I have been amazed at how people have been put in my path to help me along the way with this project. 
During a recent visit to Waycross GA to spend time with my family, my sister Mary wanted me to get in touch with someone her sister in law worked for that had something to do with selling books.  Neither of us had any idea really who this lady was or what she did but we both felt that it would be a great idea to speak with her.  Before going, I found her website and could not believe this company was in my little hometown.  The next morning, with my rough drafts in hand ( which is all I had with me ) I set out to see if she would give me the time of day.  Mrs. Dot of Dot Gibson Publications  was one of the nicest ladies I've ever met and was full of encouragement and information.  I felt like I had been to school by the time I left her office. 
I don't think Mrs. Dot understood at first what I was even there for but once she took a look at the drafts, she began to give me great advice.  Her company produces a catalog which reaches approximately 3000 gift shops world wide.  She also goes every year to market in Atlanta and by the end of our visit had offered to take Addie McPaddie to market in January !!!  I think I could have given her a great big hug right then and there but I tried to be very business like and leave with a "thank you" handshake.  Again, someone was put in my path that I never imagined I would find ! 

Returning Home !

  Since my last post so many things have happened !  I've changed employment and gone "home" to work back with my friends at Dr. Donald Hardee's office...a local dentist and "friend" who I had worked for 8 years with before my bout with cancer.  I had been working Physicians East OB/Gyn  in Greenville for a year and a half and made a lot of new friends there as well. 
For the past year, Jeff had been unemployed due to the economy effecting the business he was in and of course this put a hold on completing the publishing process of Addie McPaddie.  Praise God !...Jeff was able to return to work as of November 1st. He too returned back to the sawmill industry and the company that brought us to NC 15 years ago. We feel very blessed and humbled by what God is doing in our lives.  That is why I know without a doubt that He is responsible for helping me through each step of this "Storybook Journey".