Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Business Woman I am Not !

Since this process began, I have had to make decisions that will make or break the future of this project.  It has not been easy at times !!!  From looking over drafts from Jennifer, graphics from Stacy and then came the printing.  This has been much more difficult than I expected.  A few weeks ago, when making a major decision with the printing, my husband said to me..."you've got to learn to be a business woman".  He was right and all worked out for the best. 
My hope is that the first Addie McPaddie book will gain enough attention that the second or maybe even the third will be picked up by a publisher.  I LOVE writing but I can tell you....the business part is not my thing.  Again, this is why I am convinced that God is in control.  He has truly given me confidence to do things I never thought possible. 

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